Class Apple

The orchard was first planted in 1976. Dale & Loretta Young opened to the public as a pick-your-own apple orchard in 1990. Class Apple was named for the fact that its founders, Dale and Loretta Young, were both teachers and musicians. They loved to share information with their customers, as well as learn from them.

Dale passed away in 2014, and Loretta partnered with “Ronnie Appleseed” and AVEnue Orchard in 2015 to continue operating Class Apple. 

The best thing the orchard has to offer is its quiet, slow pace. We hope you find that your visit to Class Apple is a wonderful experience for your family to learn about apples and enjoy nature as it surrounds you here.

We work to be faithful land stewards.  Our orchard follows IPM–Integrated Pest Management Program–monitoring/trapping/identifying/researching–seeking the most effective and environmentally friendly control methods we can find and afford.  We regularly attend WAGA (Wisconsin Apple Growers Association) educational seminars to keep up to date of the latest IPM research and growing information. We have been members of our local Eco-Apple Network (since it began), to learn more about IPM scouting and decision making more specifically for our orchard in the Chippewa Valley.